Alpine Ranch

Grass-Fed Beef

                                                                                  All photos were taken at Alpine Ranch.
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About Us

The Casey family, has been raising beef cattle in the Clan Alpine Mountains and other surrounding areas for over 50 years.  Alpine Ranch is located 60 miles East of Fallon, Nevada.  The cattle roam freely on over 800,000 acres in the Clan Alpine and Desatoya Mountains.  Their water comes from natural mountain springs, creeks, and artesian wells. They spend their lives unconfined, foraging in the mountains and meadows.  They are grass-fed their entire lives and grass finished.  Our beef is all natural.  Cattle are not administered or fed hormones, antibiotics, processed or packaged feed, grains, or animal bi-products.  Cattle come from Alpine Ranch and Associates and are processed at Wolf Pack Meats and Ponderosa Meats of Reno.  No fillers are used.

*We are continually looking for ways to improve and promote grass-fed beef.  Currently, we are working with several other ranches and farms who, like us, raise grass fed/grass finished cattle on range land and pasture land.  When they have cattle that are ready to butcher, we use their cattle as well as our own.  Recently, we learned about a group of ranchers that formed a successful co-op of grass-fed ranches in California.  We are considering forming a co-op to help other ranchers and smaller farmers, but need to look into all the logistics of this.  We will keep you posted on the progression of this.

For more information please call or email:
(775) 351-7405

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